Wily Fox in snow

Thinking like a fox

If you’ve read the FAQ section on my site, you’ll know the main reason why I chose the name for my company, however there is actually more to it than that.

As a freelancer I have more in common with a fox, than you might think – here’s why:

Foxes require quiet

The slightest distraction can throw a fox off his scent – as a freelance copywriter I sometimes have the same problem.  I work in a number of different locations from shared offices to coffee shops, but there’s nothing like the quiet of my home office to get the job done.

Foxes know how to home in

Did you know that a fox can detect a food source, even if it’s buried three feet under the snow?  When I’m working for you, I’ll home in on your target audience and find the best way of reaching out to them.

Foxes are great at communicating

A fox uses more than 20 different calls to communicate and it’s huge ears mean it’s also a good listener.  I certainly don’t lay claim to having quite the same level of language skill as a fox but one of the most important aspects of my job is the initial communication I have with my client.  Meeting your brief is important to me, but even if you are not completely sure what you want, I’ll talk through your business with you to make sure we’re both heading down the right path.

Foxes come out at night

If you ask any freelancer when the majority of their work gets completed, they’ll tell you it’s in the evening (or the early hours for the really hardcore crowd).  Creativity seems to flow much better when there are less distractions around (namely a beautiful but crazy whirlwind of a three-year old!)

Foxes are unapproachable

Here’s one where I’ll have to differ! If a fox spots you he’ll likely scurry off into the darkness (although I have met quite a few slightly more brazen ones in my time) but I’m much more sociable.  I’ll be happy to chat with you about your requirements – we can even meet up for a coffee if you live locally – just drop me a line!


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