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All your copywriting questions answered

I’ve tried to answer various questions across my main site, but questions do keep popping up and I’ll always do my best to answer them.

Why don’t copywriters ever publish their rates?

Money – it’s the first question that comes up because obviously it’s important to your business and you don’t want to be ripped off. But please don’t fear the unknown – just because we don’t splash our rates all over our website, it’s not because you can’t afford us or we are trying to hide something from you.

It’s actually pretty hard to come up with a set hourly rate because many of our copywriting projects are so different. Once we’ve had a chat first, and discussed your brief I’ll offer you a price per project as well as realistic timescale to work to.
Whilst smaller content projects can be done in a hour or two, larger projects can take a lot longer as they are well researched, well written and are well optimised to give you the best possible outcomes.

Project costs will be broken down as much as possible so you understand what you’re paying for. For simpler projects such as short blog pieces, press releases or social media management I offer a set fee and am happy to send out my rate card to you on request.

What’s your availability like?

I work as a freelance copywriter because I like to be flexible – it works for me but it also works for my clients. Dolly Parton was totally wrong when she said that “working 9-5, that’s the way to make a living”! I work days, evenings and weekends – always working efficiently so that your deadline is met.

I do get busy but as long as you give me enough notice I should have no problem fitting your project in.

That doesn’t mean that I can’t accept last-minute, urgent projects – if you need a 10,000 word document completing my tomorrow then you may want to re-think your strategy, but if you need a press release turning round by 5pm then don’t hesitate to give me a call and I’ll see what I can do for you.

Can you work on-site in my company?

I don’t normally do this because, as I said above, I like to be flexible in the times that I work so that I’m not just writing content during normal working hours.  However if you need me to be at a meeting, discuss a brief or present work, I’m always happy to pop in. If you do need me to work on-site for a period of time, then do let me know – I’m sure we can work something out.

Can you provide me with 50 blogs for my site?

Well that depends.  If you want me to write a well-written piece once a week for a year then I’ll be happy to discuss this with you. If you want me to churn out low-quality articles in a rush then you’ve probably come to the wrong place. Freelance copywriters who offer this service for peanuts are not doing your brand any favours – low quality content that hasn’t been properly optimised can have a negative impact on your web rankings.

Who have you worked with?

If you’re looking for someone who has plied their trade in a fast-paced ad agency in the capital, then that isn’t me I’m afraid – whilst I’ve worked with a few big companies I’ve really crafted my trade over the past 15 years working on behalf of small, local businesses who don’t have big budgets or marketing experience and are looking for a friendly face to offer them advice, and to help them build their brand. I’m proud to offer a personal, affordable service.

Is there anything you can’t help me with?

Have you taken a look at my services page? I’ve tried to include as much information as I can to let you know how I can support your business.


I can offer small design services however I’m not a web designer or developer so anything technical is a little beyond my reach. I’m happy to offer advice and have a good network of other creatives that I can signpost you to if I can’t help you directly.

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  1. Excellent article. I do get asked a lot of time about my rates. I agree with everything else.


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