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All your copywriting questions answered

I've tried to answer various questions across my main site, but questions do keep popping up and I'll always do my best to answer them. Why don’t copywriters ever publish their rates? Money – it’s the first question that comes up because obviously it’s important to your business and you don’t want to be ripped… Continue reading All your copywriting questions answered

Social Media

Twitter tips for your business

Did you know that there are 328 million active monthly users on Twitter?  So why wouldn’t you want to showcase your business to this huge audience? A commonly heard phrase is “I don’t really ‘get’ Twitter” so it’s common for small business owners to bypass this particular platform and concentrate on other channels, particularly when… Continue reading Twitter tips for your business


Why your small business needs to blog

If you’re a small business owner then there’s no doubt that you’re already juggling a hundred and one things, so you might be wondering if blogging for your business is really worth the effort? In short, the answer is yes!  Blogging is a simple way of enhancing your marketing strategy – it drives traffic to… Continue reading Why your small business needs to blog